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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year New You!

Dear Diary,
I'm always excited about the prospects of a new year.  Although I haven't sat down to write a formal list of goals and resolutions, I have in my mind things I'd like to focus on and improve.  I love my family more than anything!  Having 4 kids takes a lot of time, patience and energy.  I really want to live in the moment, try not to stress about the little things and enjoy and spend special time with each of my children.  I want to nurture my relationship with Jeff and show him how much I love him everyday.  I'd also like to be more active... taking walks, jumping on the trampoline and doing yoga.  New year, new you means being the best you can be!  No drastic changes, just tweaking things a little, having a positive outlook and choosing to enjoy your life day by day.  2015 here I come and looking forward to all you have in store!