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Friday, January 9, 2015

91 And Counting!

Dear Diary,
I love spending time with Grandma Furnare!   She's 91 years old and full of love, life and happiness.  We've always had a special bond, maybe because we're born in July, or maybe it's our love of Italian food, or maybe because we like to take care of others.  Grams has always been a fabulous Lady!  She's got dignity, class, poise and grace.  She's smart, religious and strong.  I look up to her and love being with her sharing memories and making new ones.  I love that my kids know and love her.  There's an old saying "To know her is to love her".  This is very true!  I’m so grateful for her sense of humor and for her ability to have fun and enjoy gambling!  I’m so grateful for all the meals Grams prepared for us.  I’m so grateful for all the comforts she provided.  I’m so grateful she is so thoughtful and loving.  I'm a lucky girl to have so much love in my life and appreciate our precious time together!  Love you forever Grams!