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Saturday, January 30, 2016

I'm So Happy She's Happy

Dear Diary,
Josette's smile says it all!  She's a happy, smart and fun 7th grader.  She's truly a diamond in the rough.  She's special because she's interested in learning.  She cares about others feelings and enjoys being with her friends and family.  She's a great example to her sisters and brother because she makes good choices.  She pushes herself to do her best in school and she's not afraid to try new things.  That's what makes my #1 girl special and her beautiful spirit and zest for life, makes me happy!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The One

I heard a knock
You were waiting at the door
You smiled that smile
I remembered from before
You were somehow free

You were looking for me
Then it struck a cord

It was always meant to be

For the next 3 years
We courted everyday
And on my 30th birthday
My life changed in every way
I said yes to you
My husband to be
It felt so right
You went down on your knee

Four kids later
3 beautiful girls and a boy
A house by the sea
My heart filled with joy

Monday, January 25, 2016

Ocean View Hike

Dear Diary,
Jeff took us up a new trail in Palos Verdes.  What a beautiful day for a hike... a bit cloudy with a nice crisp breeze.  Today we had Jessie and Van in tow.  The Lunada Bay views were gorgeous!  I always love a healthy rugged hike to really get my blood pumping.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Everyday's Your Birthday After 90

Dear Diary,
Thanks to my BFF Sherry, the girls and I had a beautiful weekend in Vegas.  Grandma Furnare was itching to go to Vegas after 30 years so we rallied together to make it happen.  We stayed at the Wynn, dined at SW and Sinatra's and saw ShowStoppers.  Being with my mom, grams, sisters and besties was fun and full of laughs!  We stayed up all night and enjoyed every minute of our time together!
Sisters Cathy and Ann with Grams and Mom
Connie and Janet
Dinner and a show

Ann and Cathy
My forever BF Sherry
Cathy and Heather
Mom and Grams
Before the show
 Dinner at Sinatra's

Beautiful at 92!
Dinner at SW

Gambling all night

Friday, January 15, 2016

Gratitude Journal

5 Things I'm Grateful For Today

1.  Walking home from Kindergarten holding hands with Van hearing about his day.

2.  Getting my car serviced.

3.  Baking brownies with the girls after school.

4.  Dinner with my family.

5.  Typing and reading in my soft cozy bed.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Highlights

Dear Diary,
My Christmas wish came true.  I have all I really want... a healthy and happy family.  Ok, presents are icing on the cake, but their novelty is short lived.  What really matters and what really makes me happy is being together.  We may not be harmonious 24/7 but when we are it's always a good time. My family is my sunshine and I love lots of sunshine!

1st thing Christmas morning
Cousins galore

My beautiful sisters
Love him!
Michael and Cathy
 My favorite people... Grams and Mom
Friends may come and go but family is forever!

Monday, January 4, 2016

December Reflections

Dear Diary,
I welcomed this Christmas season with open arms.  The kids were excited as each day got closer and our calendar was full of fun activities.  So much for taking the time to organize and clean around the house... no, we were always on the go.  Jeff and I squeezed in a few date nights and we definitely had lots of family gatherings and events.  Here are just a few...
Annual Christmas dinner with Sherry & John and Heather & Mike at the Chart House Marina Del Rey.
Mike, John and Jeff
Heather and Sherry

Our annual Ave C Santa visit.
Neighborhood party
The Lewis Christmas Tree
Date night... dinner Il Fornaio and Berlin concert.

Hover board fascination
 Hover board injury... 5 chin stitches
Christmas Eve Mass
Christmas Eve family dinner at Avenue Italy.
Josette and Gigi
Jessie and Van
Our gang

Dessert and wine with Robyn and Ted.