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Thursday, May 21, 2015

TBT... And Then There Were 4

I took this picture in 2010 when Van was about 4 months old.  The girls fell in love with their baby brother.  Jessie, Josette and Gigi had a new BFF and enjoyed playing with him, rocking and singing to him and hugging and kissing him all over.  He was our new addition and little angel sent from Heaven!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Blush Fashion Show

Dear Diary,
I've been helping Sherry a lot lately working her boutique parties, grand openings and home clothing shows.  Last week my sis Cathy and I joined her for the Annual Calabasas Fashion Show and Wine Tasting Event.  I was so glad to bring Cathy along as it gave us time together to catch up (drink wine) and have a few laughs! With her busy life with 5 kids and mine with 4, it's rare these days to sneak away mid week and spend an evening out.  Blush outfitted us and Salon Nuuvo did hair and make up for the event.  The outside venue was switched to indoors due to the rain but all went well and the turn out was great.  I love supporting Blush Boutique and my BFF and love spending time with these beautiful women!

Models Kayla, Hailey, Laura and Sherry

Beautiful Cathy

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Love

Dear Diary,
Awe, to be showered with love and affection.  I woke up Sunday morning to 4 energetic smiling faces and the first thing we did was open cards and presents.  They were so cute... hand made cards and paintings, clay creations, flowers and a beautiful outfit from Annie's Boutique.  I truly felt the love each one had to share.  I feel so lucky to share a special bond with my 1, 2 , 3 and 4!  They mean the world to me!  Josette's wisdom impresses me daily, Gigi melts my heart, Jessie makes me smile and I love kissing Van all over.  I have 4 healthy, happy and sweet kids and am so thankful God paired us together!  Jeff made the day special as well by showering me with gifts and flowers, running out to get my favorite cheese danish and taking us all to Brunch at Blue Water Grill.  Ginny and Gene joined us for a beautiful afternoon along the water.  I am also very lucky to have 2 wonderful mothers in my life, my mom and Ginny!  They mean the world to us all!  I love my family and I love my life!

Brunch with Ginny and Gene at Blue Water.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Flash Back Friday

Serious Joyce, Happy Joyce?  What's not to love about my classic 3rd grade double exposure portrait in my red collared terry cloth ensemble?  I look back at that time with fond memories thinking about my brothers and sisters and I running around our neighborhood.  We were typical kids... happy, adventurous and curious.  I want the same for my little ones.  Although the world we live in today is a bit different, I wish for them a carefree and fun loving childhood.  With a loving family and safe environment, I hope when they reminisce they look back and have similar memories.  Don't be too serious... have fun, dream big and shoot for the moon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Caprese Loaf

This Caprese Loaf is mouthwatering!  The standard crusty loaf of bread gets loaded with butter, garlic, buffalo mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and a delicious balsamic reduction to make it an absolutely irresistible appetizer, snack or side.
Another twist on the traditional, this Caprese Garlic Bread from Two Peas and their Pod combines two favorites – a caprese salad and garlic bread. The standard crusty loaf of bread gets loaded up not only with butter and garlic, but also with tomatoes and a delicious balsamic reduction to make it an absolutely irresistible snack. - See more at:

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My 5 Favorite Beauty Products

First thing I put on my skin out of the shower is my Weleda Skin Food.  I love the smell and it makes my skin so soft.
I've been using Neutrogena for over 15 years.  It just works for me!
Doesn't everyone love how long and lush Lancome mascara accentuates your lashes?  I do!
Chanel lip gloss is sexy, shimmery and subtle.
Kerastase Masquintense is just the best to tame your dry, unruly mane.