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Friday, February 27, 2015

My Memoirs From A Future Perspective

Dear Diary,
How do I see my life in 20 years?  Very HAPPY!  I'm generally a positive person usually looking on the bright side and giving people the benefit of the doubt.  With that said, I'm also very practical and see things black and white.  I'm not here to predict my future as I don't believe in fortune telling or think it's beneficial to know exactly what the future holds.  I hope that in 20 years I will have loved and cherished each special moment of my life.  I also hope that what ever storm may come my way that I am able to tackle it with grace and understanding.  I hope that I will get through difficult times and learn from them to come out in a better place.  I see my family continuing to make many fun and exciting memories.  I also see my family strong and present in each others lives.  We're going to hold a close bond with one another and always put family first.  I hope and pray that my marriage continues to flourish and we continue to love and enjoy our life together.  I also hope little grand babies are in my world.  Today my baby Van is 4 and I love taking care of my four sweet, beautiful children.  I hope they experience the beauty and joy of having children of their own.  I don't really care where I live or what I have as long as I'm with the ones I love.  I'll check back in 20 years and let you know how things turned out.  Excited for what the future holds!