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Monday, February 16, 2015

Love Day Recap

Dear Diary,
Who cares about Valentines Day anyway?  I do!  Yes, expectations can be high to pick the right gift or make some amazing romantic plans, but I think it's just a nice day to do something special for the ones you love.  I love my husband Jeff and I love my 4 sweet children.  This year we took our kids and cousins to the cove for a little surf then had lunch at the park.  Later we invited my in laws Ginny and Gene to join us for dinner at Avenue Italy.  Jeff brought home flowers for me and the girls and we all exchanged cards and candy.  It was the perfect day!  It doesn't have to be well thought out, expensive or extravagant.  As long as you're with the ones you love, Valentines Day can be perfect and mine was!