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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Living A Simple Life

There's a lot to be said for decluttering our lives for peace of mind.  Here are some tips on living a simple life and feeling more tranquil.
1. Get Offline
There are many benefits of being online and it has helped us in many ways.  However, sometimes we forget to just be. Cut back on your online time.  Trust me, you'll feel better.
2. Walk This Way
Walking is wonderful and if you can find ways to reduce your driving time by taking a walk around your neighborhood, to the grocery store or with the kids to school, all the better.
4. Self-Sufficient
Another way to live more simply is to be more self-sufficient.  How about growing your own fruit and veggie garden?  How about beautifying yourself with the contents of your fridge?  You don't have to spend lots of money to eat well and look fabulous!
5. Throw It out
Do you have items just gathering dust?  
If you haven't worn it for years and deep down know you're unlikely to, get rid of it.
6. Declutter Your WORKSPACE
Look around your desk.  It's not good to be surrounded by clutter.  Having a simple desk means that you'll be able to work more efficiently and feel wonderful as a consequence.
7. Be More Mindful
Meditation and prayer is wonderful and can really help to clear space in your mind and help you evaluate what is really important in your life.  Spend time each day just checking in on yourself and evaluate how you're feeling.  It really does work wonders!