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Monday, October 27, 2014

I Heart My Bike


Dear Diary,
I woke up early Sunday morning and had my coffee and computer first thing.  I love peaceful dark mornings when the house is still and quiet.  It's my time alone to catch up and get organized for my day.   Gigi was the next to arise so we decided to sneak out while the others slept and went for a little bike ride to the market to pick up our breakfast ingredients.   We rode side by side chatting away, just the two of us.   I relish the special one on one time I have with my kids.  I also know how great it makes them feel to have our undivided attention.  That's sometimes hard to come by in a family of 6.  Gigi and I both love to bike and we love just being together.
Today I vow to ride my bike more often, enjoy natures beauty and exercise my body all while having these special moments with my children.  There are so many benefits to biking.  It's good for your heart, your muscles, your waistline, your mind and your lifespan.  It's also great fun and easy to do.  No matter where you are... there's always a beautiful path to discover.