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Friday, October 9, 2015

Me And My Girls

Dear Diary,
How lucky am I?  With 3 beautiful daughters by my side... I'm the luckiest mom alive.  The smiles on their faces melt my heart.  They are innocent, sweet, smart and unique.  Each one with her own personality, likes and interests.   When we're on a little adventure, whether it's a day at Knott's, a trip to the mall or an afternoon at the lighthouse, we have fun and enjoy being together.  These pics were taken almost 2 years ago after our summer vacation in Kauai.  There are a few things I want my girls to know:  I love you from the bottom of my heart.  I believe in you.  I think you're beautiful.  You make me proud in so many ways.  Don't ever settle for second best.  You can always come to me, no matter what, and I will help you figure things out.  And finally, thank you for the love and joy you bring to our lives.  We're one big happy family and I'm so glad God chose to bring us together!