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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Anniversary Dinner

Married 14 years, together 18!  That's something special in my book!  I love my husband and I really like him too.  Jeff's an honest, loyal, smart, strong, handsome and loving man.  Our relationship has grown over the years through communication and shared values.  We value our relationship and work hard to keep it strong.  When we disagree, we eventually try to see the others point of view and come to an agreement... even if it's to agree to disagree.  We value God and our family and ultimately want the best for our children through His teachings.  It's not always easy, but I know Jeff has my back and I have his.  Our relationship with each other and our relationship with our children is a work in progress and I think we've come a long way.  Having God in our lives has made us stronger knowing He's always there to help us along the way.   I'm so thankful to have Jeff as my husband, best friend, father of my children and life partner.  I'm one lucky girl!!!