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Monday, January 4, 2016

December Reflections

Dear Diary,
I welcomed this Christmas season with open arms.  The kids were excited as each day got closer and our calendar was full of fun activities.  So much for taking the time to organize and clean around the house... no, we were always on the go.  Jeff and I squeezed in a few date nights and we definitely had lots of family gatherings and events.  Here are just a few...
Annual Christmas dinner with Sherry & John and Heather & Mike at the Chart House Marina Del Rey.
Mike, John and Jeff
Heather and Sherry

Our annual Ave C Santa visit.
Neighborhood party
The Lewis Christmas Tree
Date night... dinner Il Fornaio and Berlin concert.

Hover board fascination
 Hover board injury... 5 chin stitches
Christmas Eve Mass
Christmas Eve family dinner at Avenue Italy.
Josette and Gigi
Jessie and Van
Our gang

Dessert and wine with Robyn and Ted.