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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Love And Marriage

Dear Diary,
Jeff and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last weekend in Santa Barbara.  It's rare that we have an overnight away so this was definitely a special treat.  It's also special because it's been 25+ years since we've been there.  We drove 2 hours north Sunday morning, stopping at Kings in Calabasas on the way.  When we arrived the weather was gorgeous and stayed that way our entire trip.  We dined at The Waterfront Grill and Moby Dicks on the Pier.  On Monday we spent the day in Solvang and Santa Ynes.  I loved our long walks, the delicious sea food and of course, the shopping.  It was so nice to have alone time to ourselves.  We put our home life away for 3 days and reconnected again like we were dating.  Jeff and I have been together for 17 years and although at times it is difficult, our relationship overall is loving, meaningful, comforting and passionate.  I love Jeff, I trust him and can't imagine life without him!  I love our life together and am happy and fortunate to grow old and gray with this man :) 
 We stayed at Hotel Milo.
 On the Pier.

 Loved everything about Solvang.

Loved the beautiful scenic drive through Santa Ynes.  Stopped at Cold Springs Bridge and had a drink at the old tavern.  Definitely an eerie feeling in the air passing the crosses along side the road.

 Our tour of the historic Santa Barbara Mission founded by Father Sera.

Love you Jeffrey and look forward to the next 13!