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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jessie Joy

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I picked Jessie up from school early.  We had a date for lunch and decided to go to her favorite restaurant in the Village for teriyaki chicken.  Jessie is 7 and never at a loss for words.  We talked about her passions... surfing, singing, dancing, running, art and teaching.  When you ask Jessie about her favorites, it's always in multiples.  For instance, her favorite color... blue and purple, her favorite food... teriyaki chicken, tempura, pasta and tri-tip, her favorite teacher... Miss Bennett, Mrs.Hughes, Mrs. Nitsiotis, Mrs. Estrada, Miss Alexis and Miss Sharon.  Jessie has a beautiful personality.  She is bright, smart, funny, nurturing and sweet.  She is my 3rd child and youngest girl.  I love how she takes care of her brother, plays and creates independently and is open to trying new things.  We had a wonderful afternoon together... just her and I.  I truly cherish our one on one time as it allows me to be in the moment focusing only her.  She's wonderful!  Constantly filling our lives with (Jessie) joy!